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Safety Management System Fundamentals

People -  people are a company’s biggest asset and that the right people contribute to a safe and productive work environment. 

Equipment –  people need to have access to the right equipment for the job. Equipment includes training, tools and information. 

Management –  management plays a vital role in a SMS. Management must understand and be fully engaged in the SMS. 

Experience - experience is knowledge and power learned on the job and through education. Mentoring and sharing provides this knowledge and power to people. 

Safety Worx Fundamentals

 Our people

  • Experienced, professional and conscientious.
  • Work with you to understand your business and consulting needs.
  • Develop safety solutions to protect employee, complete jobs, meet regulatory, client requirements and maintain profitability.

Our equipment

  • Knowledge - industry and education to develop or evaluate SMS.
  • Experience - field and management for practical, functional solutions.
  • Research - industry, regulatory practices and continuing education to develop applicable solutions to your business.

Our management

  • Committed to professional and practical solutions for every client.
  • Actively participate in the integration of safety into current work practices and work culture.
  • Support short and long term company and SMS goals and objectives.

Our experience

  • University and college educated, field experienced safety consultants with over 16 years industry experience in the use, development, implementation and maintenance of SMS.
  • Experienced safety consultants with over 16 years in multiple industries
  • We have been in the field and on the management side of various industry SMS. We understand your forte is your business and ours in SMS.


    • Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP)
    • Certified Health and Safety Consultant (CHSC)
    • Certified External Auditor
    • Enform
    • Alberta Assoc. for Safety Partnerships (AASP)
    • Alberta Construction for Safety Association (ACSA)
    • CSSE AB chapter member
    • Occupational Health and Safety Certificate, U of A
    • Safety and Environmental Technician, SAIT
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